About Us

Transport data over existing aerial wiring... Why not?

Save cost of new wires, manpower and time! Transform your aerial socket into high speed data network. It`s so easy, just plug our mediaconvertors and you are done! No setup necessary, does not affect TV or Radio brodcasting.

You may use our products:

  • In Home - You have no computer network wiring but you want to use home computer network. You may think about Wi-fi but this may be slow and insecure. You may think about Powerline adapters, but this is very unreliable and depend on actual powerline condition. Right time to think about EoC!

  • In Company - Have coaxial CCTV network and think about IPTV? This can by easy and cheep done by EoC. Even if old cameras are powered over coaxial cables: No problem, ask for Power over Coax kit.

  • As a Local ISP - Are you an Internet service provider? Want to distribute IP services through block of flats without new wiring? Our EoC solution include remote management and monitoring via web, telnet/SSH or SNMP.