• CA4302 -  EoC Master unit

EoC Master unit

Device is targeted for data transfer over coax cable (terrestrial TV cabling) into the connected Slave units. Max data transfer rate on physical layer (PHY) is 700Mbps, max. real data transfer rate  (MAC) is 450Mbps. Max. allowed length of single coax cable is 1000m, max. allowed attenuation in terrestrial TV cabling structure is 60db.

Device is powered by MornigStar MSE1000 (HomePlugAV 2) chip. Device is backward compatible with protocol HomePlugAV (AR64xx) and IEEE1901 (QCA74xx).

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Coax iface properties
Supported protocols HomePlugAV IEEE1901 HomePlugAV 2

CA4302 - EoC Master unit

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